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Hoeganaes addresses safety concerns after incidents

Hoeganaes says it has implemented various safety measures following the three incidents at its Gallatin Plant in Tennessee, USA.

By Kari Williamson

Following three unrelated incidents at the Gallatin Plant, which saw the loss of five lives, Hoeganaes has carried out an extensive safety review and the recommendations have now been implemented.

The causes of the three incidents were an electrical fault, a flash fire during furnace maintenance, and a hydrogen leak leading to an explosion.

The safety measures include:

  • Upgrade of electrical systems;
  • Replacement of the gas and air supply system in the affected building;
  • Upgraded gas management and hydrogen detection systems;
  • Development of a powder dust management system;
  • Upgrades to furnaces to improve operations and safety; and
  • Full retraining of all staff.

The work was carried out in consultation with Tennessee OSHA and in cooperation with the Chemical Safety Board.

The Gallatin Plant started a phased restart in August.

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